Summer Swim Lessons at Odyssey!

Please be sure to read all of the Booking Guidelines before booking.

These guidelines were updated 2024-05-24.

Looking for CJ’s Regular Year-Around Swim Lessons? Look here instead!

About Summer Swim Lessons at Odyssey with CJ

I teach swim lessons to all ages and skill levels in Asheville, NC: from parents and their babies to adults, whether they are learning to swim for the first time, trying to overcome challenges and fears of swimming and water, or are skilled swimmers looking to improve their strokes or other swimming skills.

I have been teaching swim lessons (and other movement forms) for over 15 years and am excited to help people experience joy and empowerment in the water!

I am teaching summer lessons at Odyssey this year (2024). I also teach year-around lessons at the Asheville Racquet Club, to find out more about those go here.

Private lessons are booked in 30-minute durations, but lessons are only 25 minutes to allow a small buffer for transition between lessons.

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Kids Swim Lessons

I teach private swimming lessons to kids of all ages. As long as they are comfortable being in the water without a parent (if not, that’s ok too! See Parent-Child Swim Lessons!). Whether they’re just getting used to the water, or they’re already a fis and want to improve their skills and strokes, I’m excited and ready to help your child learn to swim more safely, and confidently, and to enjoy the water!

Adult Swimming Lessons

It’s never too late to learn to swim! I teach adult swim lessons at all levels. Whether you’re a total beginner and want to learn to swim for the first time, or if you’re a competitive swimmer and you want to improve your stroke for a competition, I can help you develop the skills you need!

Adult swim lessons can be private or semi-private if you have other students you’d like to learn to swim with.

Parent-Child Swim Lessons

I also offer Parent-Child Swim Lessons for parents who want to learn to work with their children themselves! This could also apply for children who aren’t comfortable working alone with a teacher.

Semi-Private Swim Lessons

Semi-Private Swim Lessons are just private lessons with more than one student! They could be any level or age. For the summer swim lessons, lessons with more than one student are the same price. You can simply add more students to the lesson when booking. Generally students must be a similar level to get the most out of the lessons together.

Swim Lesson Booking Guidelines, Agreements and Policies

Summer Swim Lesson at Odyssey Location

The summer swim lessons at Odyssey are at the Odyssey Community school’s pool located at:

Odyssey School
90 Zillicoa Street
Asheville, North Carolina 28801

The pool is a relatively small heated outdoor pool with an 11 foot deep end! It has pretty full sun much of the day.

The pool is a private, membership-only pool, but we are lucky to be able to have our lessons there! You do not need to be a pool member to have a lesson with me there, however having a lesson does not enable you to enjoy a pool membership.

Most lesson times happen outside of the pool hours, but some specially scheduled lessons could occur during pool operations when pool members/patrons are in the pool. Other swim instructors may be using the pool at the same time as our lessons for their students.

I also teach at other pools, but lessons booked as part of the Summer Swim Lessons at Odyssey ARE NOT TRANSFERABLE TO ANOTHER LOCATION OR SEASON.

Do not contact any other pools I teach at regarding Summer Swim Lessons at Odyssey. It will only confuse them as these bookings are not in their system.

To find out more about my regular year-around lessons at the Asheville Racquet Club, please see my main page.

Swim Lesson Booking and Pricing

Lessons are sold individually or in packs with a package discount. Prices are the same for all ages.

Semiprivate lessons (with multiple students) are the same price per duration. Please add additional children when booking and ensure that. I reserve the right to recommend or refuse to teach multiple children if their levels do not allow for safe and effective swimming and/or their temperments and interactions prevent safe and effective lessons.

Please see the Summer Swim Lessons at Odyssey Booking Page for pricing.

How to Pay for Your Lessons

You will pay for lessons when booking them and/or buying a package.


Summer Swim Lessons at Odyssey packages are only able to be used with CJ at the Odyssey Pool *this summer*, and only during available times. Lesson and packages booked as part of the Summer Swim Lessons at Odyssey ARE NOT TRANSFERABLE TO ANOTHER LOCATION OR SEASON.

You do not need to book all of the packages lessons when buying the package, but please make sure that you can fit all the lessons in. I cannot guarentee that there will be enough spots if you do not book your lessons when purchasing the package. Lessons spaces are limited and are expected to fill up.

Cancellations/Rescheduling Swim Lessons

Cancellations with a minimum of notice of 48 hours can be credited for rescheduling. In this case, please cancel/reschedule using the online scheduler.

Cancellations with less than 48 hour notice are not eligible for a refund or rescheduling unless specific circumstances warrant (at the instructor’s discretion – see Health and Safety – general tiredness or lack of readiness is not a sufficient reason).

If you are not able to make your lesson and are inside the 48 hour no-cancellation window, please let CJ know by text or email (). If you are within 24 hours of the lesson and are unable to make a lesson, please let CJ know by text (303-630-9237), as I may already be working and less able to check email regularly. Cancellations within the 48 hours period will still be charged for the lesson.

If lessons are cancelled by CJ, you will be notified by text message and the lessons can be rescheduled. If not times are available to be rescheduled, a refund may be available.

Swim Lesson Health and Safety

Please do not bring sick children (or adults 😉 ) to swim lessons – instead, cancel and re-schedule, ideally with 48 hour notice. Early cancellations can be rescheduled without issue. If a child/person is sick 3 days before a lesson, please cancel the lesson so the spot can be filled by another swimmer.

If you are confident your child/self (whoever is taking the lesson) is contagious with sudden onset symptoms and it is within the 48 hour no-cancellation window, rather than risk spreading contagious illness, we can arrange for a re-schedule in this instance. However, this is only available if you are sure that a contagious illness is involved. Please text (303-630-9237) if less than 24 hours before the lesson.

In addition, as a general practice and consideration, we ask folks to avoid coughing or sneezing toward other swimmers and to cover their mouth. We have cloth tissues on deck for blowing noses.

Inclement Weather

We follow the American Red Cross Lightning Safety guidelines at the discretion of the lifeguard on staff which means when we hear nearby thunder the pool will be closed for half an hour. When lessons are canceled because of lightning/thunder/rain CJ attempt to communicate this with swimmers’ families in a timely manner. They will be given a credit towards a future lesson unless more than half (15 minutes) of the lesson has already occurred before thunder/lightning in which case the lesson will be considered completed. If there is not an opportunity to complete lessons cancelled due to incliment weather due to lack of appointments a refund may be avilable.

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