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Hi there!

I primarily teach weekly private lessons and classes at the Racquet Club’s indoor downtown low-chlorine swimming pool. To find out more about these weekly private lessons go here. I also teaches club lessons at the Racquet Club year-around, to find out more about these and to register, check out the Asheville Racquet Club Website’s Aquatics section.

Due to popular demand and limited availability, for my regular year-around lessons I only schedule regular weekly students and have a waitlist for these lessons. This is best for students to develop their skills over time.

I may teach special sessions on occasion at other locations. To find out about these special sessions, please sign-up for my waitlist and check the appropriate box.

Signing up for the Waitlist & Special Sessions information can also sign you up to receive updates in order to book one-time openings due to planned cancellations by regular students.

The waitlist is organized by:

  • schedule availability
  • if you are already a current student and already scheduled for and/or recently were scheduled for a particular consistent time slot before my scheduler became too full
  • order of application/waitlist signup
  • history of lessons with CJ (more distant past or in the future)
  • engagement of parents/guardians in the student’s learning journey (because lessons have the best impact when students are actively supported in regular practice with support at home (even just in the bath) and at the pool

By signing up for the waitlist, you will automatically be signed up to get notifications about openings due to cancellation and schedule changes, and signing up for a lesson if you have never had one with me may help you be chosen sooner. Additionally, signing up for group lessons with me will also give that opportunity to connect and be considered more readily for lessons.

Current Schedule for Weekly Private Lessons

I am currently teaching on Mondays from 2pm-5pm and Tuesdays 3pm-6pm at the Downtown Racquet Club.

Waitlist & Notifications Signup

This form is to go on the waitlist for a regularly scheduled (weekly in most cases) private lesson slot at the racquet club.

By filling out this form you will also be added to my list for notifications about openings and special class and lesson opportunities.

If you have more than one student, please include all students on the same entry and seperate their information with commas.

Schedule availability:
I currently teach at the racquet club on Mondays 2-5pm and Tuesdays 3-6pm.

If you are interested in a regular year-around lesson time, please enter the times which you would be available for a weekly lesson on those days. The broader the range, the more likely there will be an availability, but you should be able to be available consistently (with space for advanced cancellation due to travel and holidays of course).

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